Position Trading

Forex position trading strategy is a simple technique to increase your position size without increasing your risk. This trading strategy is particularly effective with mini lots and with averaging into a position also it works equally efficiently for standard lots.

For example you may buy one mini-lot of EUR/USD at 1.3100 and set the stop loss at 1.2980. It pose a risk of $20. When the price rises, you may buy a second mini-lot at say, 1.3120 and set the stop at 1.3100 with raising the stop of the first lot to 1.3100. Now you have two lots with overall risk still at $20.

If you find the price to be still rising, you buy a third lot at 1.3140 and set the stop at 1.3120 along with rising the stop of the first two lots also to 1.3120. This would ensure that even in the worst case the whole trade is at break even. Now, with further price rise, you buy a fourth lot at say 1.3160 setting the stop at 1.3140.

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